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The Financial Benefits of Living in a CCRC

The Pinnacle at EdenHill

by | March 14th, 2011


One of the primary benefits of moving into a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is that it makes sense financially. Here is how it works at The Pinnacle at EdenHill, the only CCRC in the New Braunfels area: You make your one-time resident deposit, and then you have a monthly fee which, in addition to your private Independent Living apartment and access to the complete continuum of care, covers all of your services and amenities. If you do a cost-analysis by comparing the cost of life at The Pinnacle to your current cost of maintaining your own home, you will see where it pays off.


If you currently own or rent your home, for example, you have the fixed costs of a mortgage or rent payments, property taxes and home insurance, and you may also have association fees. Then you have the costs of utilities such as water, electric and gas (and the list goes on). In addition, there is the upkeep of the grounds such as lawn service and landscaping.


Beyond these regular expenses, though, the homeowner must always expect the unexpected, and home maintenance is where you can really get into spending money. If you’ve ever lived in a house for more than a few years, you know that a house is a complex organism that is always in need of some kind of transplant; the roof is leaking during hurricane season, the compressor goes out on the central air conditioning unit during an August heat wave, or the downstairs carpet has been worn threadbare after raising three kids.


Opting for life at The Pinnacle at EdenHill can eliminate this burden in one fell swoop. The monthly fee not only secures your residence in the private Independent Living apartment of your choice, your utilities, and the upkeep of the grounds, but it also guarantees that there is no unexpected. If the roof leaks, the compressor goes out, or the carpet needs replacing, you simply make a phone call and go out to enjoy a round of golf while business is seen to.


In addition to the peace of mind, your monthly fee buys you complete access to security, services and amenities that are only available at a steep price when you live on your own. The Pinnacle at EdenHill provides a secure campus with home security systems and health emergency monitoring. Services include weekly housekeeping and linen services as well as transportation. Amenities consist of a flexible meal plan that gives you access to fine and casual dining options, a Wellness/Fitness Center that features a covered, heated pool, a spa with salon, and on-campus programs and events. All of this comes with the added bonus of being part of a tightly knit community.


When you compare the cost of maintaining your own home and lifestyle outside of The Pinnacle with the cost of life as a Pinnacle resident, you quickly realize the added value you gain by becoming a resident. You cannot put a price on peace of mind—knowing that they have a plan in place for the continuum of care should you need it.

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The Pinnacle at EdenHill

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